December 21, 2010

Book 'em... Brahmin!

                    Ginger Littleton comes to the rescue with her Brahmin bag!

I know my handbag habit was a good for something, besides being a fashion statement. Then here comes Ginger Littleton armed with her Brahmin, quick thinking, and who knew! As I watched the news replay, my first thought was... who is her bag by? I also knew that she spent well on her bag from the look and the construction of it. When I found out it was by Brahmin; I remembered the ad from February Vogue and also recently purchased a limited edition Brahmin a few months ago from the event Fashion Night Out in September 2010.

From visiting the their site.. Brahmin does seem to have that timeless style as so their slogans indicates. Their handbags emulate classic heirlooms for business and beyond. The handbags are well constructed, durable, and can be reinvented for generations to come. It is a handbag that will be handed down to the handbag aficionado of the family. More info can be viewed about the founders and the story of Brahmin, see

Brahmin Ad

Brahmin  founders Bill and Joan Martin, photo courtesy

In conclusion, I think Ginger Littleton showed quite a bit of bravery in what she did. Thank goodness no harm as done to her or to her Brahmin. I hope this her story has reached the ears of the the Brahmin founders for she is due a grand  gift for I know their sales will "shoot" for the stars due to her quick thinking and putting her life on the line.

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