March 9, 2014

Buttaflybytes Budget Beauty Bin- March 2014

Here are some budget beauty items to add to your beauty list.
First on my list of items is a cleanser. L'Oreal Ideal Clean Foaming Gel Cleanser is for all skin types. My skin is oily but it is sensitive, so I thought I'd give this a shot to check is effectiveness on my skin. I must say it is not drying and it doesn't strip my skin. It removes my makeup and provides the right amount of clean! a dime size dollop will do you and costs under $7 at Walmart or Target.
My next selection is the Maybelline Fit Liquid Foundation. I chose this because who can afford to spend over $20 for foundation all the time?  Luckily, I managed to get this one on sale for just under $5. This foundation gives ample coverage without feeling cakey. I do have a few imperfections on my skin so it does manage to give me good coverage minus using a concealer. The color matches my skin perfectly and Maybelline has extensive range of colors from cream to coffee. Maybelline Fit Foundation is not heavy on the skin,  I just use a small dime size amount on a sponge to to distribute across my skin. My only complaint is that it does  smudge, so be careful when you're wearing a white shirt.
Otherwise it gives me good bang for my buck and I am pleasantly pleased with this foundation and would purchase again whether on sale or not.
I found a great budget answer to the BadGal Eyeliner by Benefit which is the Loreal Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner. This eyeliner gives you great depth of color and dramatic effect a day look and for a  smokey eye look. It can be found at most drug stores for about $8 and perhaps cheaper if you use coupons! ; )
Lastly, a find from a dollar store is LA Colors eyeshadow in Audacious~CP121. For just a dollar I got six power packed lasting colorssuch as sheer metallic bronze, sky blue and a smokey purple to name a few. If you like L'Oreal Hip or  MAC eyeshadows, you will love this compact if you a fortunate to find it.
AllI can say is wow for this super bargain!

March 3, 2014

Oh My Oscar! Oscar ® Fashion Review 2014

To cap off the award season, the celebs cometh with their fashion finest to the Oscars® 2014.
I didn't watch the whole award broadcast. As you all know the best part of the show is the
fashion red carpet action.
After all the fans are the ones that make the famous more famous. I didn't get to see all the nominated films, for the price of movie ticket prices are not always within reach.
Back to the subject at hand, flash forward the red carpet parade.
I have narrowed down my fashion faves. I hope that you are in agreement with my picks.
I won't display the OMG I believe you wore that moments ! 
Ahem... Liza Minelli and Pharrell.
Below I present my fantastic four faves of fashion from the Oscars® 2014.

Charlize Theron is classic

Kate Hudson is mesmerizing

Lupita Nyong'o is a princess

Portia DeRossi is gracefully cool

I would also like to mention there were two great speeches at last nights Oscars® 
one by Lupita Nyong'o and the other by Matthew McConaughey.  Their acceptance speeches were just powerful and poignant.

February 12, 2014

Valentines Day 2014- Hearts of Valentine's Fashion

Valentine's Day always seems to come around quickly just like Christmas. 
And like Christmas, sometimes I dread this day. I know the single ladies can empathize with this. 
If you are at work on Valentine's Day, there is a parade of flowers marching through the main door. Although I don't get why people send gifts to the workplace, when you have to do a balancing act and navigate the balloons and flowers through the parking lot and into your car. Or even more of a chore to travel via public transportation with a garden of fancy.
On the other hand, I like the softness and the aroma of "amour" in the air on Valentine's Day.
You cant but help to feel warm and fuzzy inside.
I can't help thinking about Rupaul's infamous quote during this post, " If you don't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?" I have something to add to that "How do you expect someone to love you, if you don't have self-love?"
Whether you are married, single,divorced, or complicated...
Have a loving day on Valentine's Day and I hope someone is sharing their words of love for you everyday.

Wear a heart ... 

Coach Gold Heart Locket Bangle
Urban Outfitters Earrings

David Yurman Cable Heart Bracelet

Thomas Sabo Winged Heart Pendant


January 30, 2014

Grammy® Glamour Fashion 2014

The stars on the Grammy® scene have stepped up their red carpet wares this award winning caliber this year.  The Grammy's scene is the site to be the show stopper of self expressionism and fashion hype. Just reflect on what a stir Pharrell's hat conjured up. Most played it safe not sorry this Grammy® season.
I must sayt the popular color trends worn reminded of Christmas... in hues of white, red, green, and gold.
A lot of shine from metallic dresses such as those worn by Rita Ora, Annie Lennox and  Taylor Swift. Sights of skin-exposed slits on the gowns worn by Paris Hilton and Beyonce. Overall I was pleased with the glamorization  at this award show. The one thing that baffled me is that Madonna is starting to look more like the "Puppet Master" than the "Pop Princess" she once was.

My picks for those wearing  glistening, glamorous garments goes to the following:



Rita Ora
Katy Perry


Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose