December 5, 2010

Tic Tac Tartan!

Tartan plaid brings memories of Catholic school days to me. If only I knew how fashionable, those textiles were I would have worn my uniform more proudly.  I did have visions of wanting to turn my uniform into something with more fashion potential; but if I did, I knew I would be forever doomed to detention!
A bit of tartan history to share…The Dress Act of 1746 attempted to bring the warrior clans under government control by banning the tartan and other aspects of Gaelic culture. When the law was repealed in 1782, it was no longer ordinary Highland dress, but was adopted instead as the symbolic national dress of Scotland.
Tartan Day, a day of celebration, in Canada and the USA, recognizing the influence of Scottish immigration to these countries.(
Tartan is making way to our daily lives in more than just clothing; via ipad cases, passport covers, doggy coats, home d├ęcor, etc. Tartan looked most mysterious and fashionable in kilt form especially worn by Scotsmen and Irishmen. At the St. Patrick's Day Parade I always wondered what the bagpipers wore under their kilts! There is such a unspoken naughtiness to those skirts

In the mix

Tartan swoop

A dainty statement

Poised in plaids

Add patterned punch to your makeup bag

Wanna take a ride?

Kilt me with kindness!

Ok, let me regain focus now... I think I will do something of innocence and decorate my Christmas tree this year with tartan bows. Maybe with his bow! ;)

Just a note I came across a charming site, Lochcarron of Scotland 
They are the world's leading tartan manufacturer and have kilted Sean Connery and Shrek!

Foto Facts:
1. photo, -duckie-brown (designer)
2. sneaker, nike blazer low tartan plaid
3. bracelet,
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5. cosmetics,
6. bike, schwinn sprite womens plaid deluxe city bike-
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