June 2, 2011

Hunting for Hats and Headwear S/S 2011

Portrait of a Woman in Hat-Modigliani
On the hunt for head wear this summer, well just about anything goes. From the widest brimmed to the simplest touch of a headband; all transform your hairstyle or better yet, protect your tresses from the harsh rays of the sun. Bad hair days not only occur during winter months, so to escape bad hair or bed head in the spring and summer months you can dab a bit of conditioner or conditioning gel, slick your hair back and don a hat.

Some people say they are not a hat person or hats don't look right on them. One just has to take the adventure and go that hunt and seize the millinery magic. Once you find your hat, it's really about the attitude you want to project; mysterious, chic, or just for use of a "thinking" cap. 
Don't be afraid to experiment. Surprise yourself and the world, be sensational in your head gear!

                    Spring/ Summer Hat and Head wear Trends 2011

wide brim@hm.com

white hat by Moschino 2011

Beyonce in newsboy cap

Vena Cava Runway Turbans and Headwraps 2011

Amber Rose in Beaded Headband

floral headband

Lady Gaga goes Intergalatic

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