August 7, 2011


Viewing fashion gives an emotion to look within themselves.
All the pictures aligned perfectly in print and so seem the subjects photographed on the pages.
Not all is what it appears to be. If we remove the airbrushing and retouching, we all are alike with our normal scrubbed down naturalness.
Inside the viewer often reflects, "Am I perfect or can I be as perfect?"
Touching and turning the glossy pages makes you want... and then say to yourself,
" I need."  Let those pictures be an inspiration not an ultimatum.
You, the viewer, are unique and a gift to the world. Be the best within yourself and make your personal fashion footprints in life. 

With recent reports of Jennifer Hudson, now a size zero; the verbal battle over weight
issues between Kelly Osbourne and Christina Aguilera. Is this what our culture worships and respects of women? Do women have to be stick thin to get somewhere or to have value in society?
I know most don't have money to hire personal trainers, chefs, or join weight loss programs. There is ever increasing emphasis to lose weight and if you do lose weight, women need to be a size 0. Really?... I have no desire to be a size 0. I will keep my curves, my size 14, for I am a woman and was not made to be flat as a board.

Where have the averaged sized, full figured role models gone?
What is the real message for women to obtain and maintain healthy weight?

Don't let VANITY be part of your Reflection.
Don't fall prey to eating disorders.
Reflect positively to your REFLECTIONS.

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