September 19, 2011

Fashion Review -Emmy 2011- It's a Really, Really Red Carpet! Pt.2

Now for the other side of the street... or the what should have been underneath the red carpet. I mean, I just don't get it. Who is styling some of the people? And why are they letting out in public like this! Give me a call...I'm honest! Take pictures, tweet, and let your fans vote for the best garment selection. You should not be a gorgeous person covered in a monstrous concoction of fabric. You should not design your own dress...ahem, Melissa McCarthy. Just a Zero for Zoe Deschanel who looked like she was attending a B-52's concert. Shame on whoever dressed Ariel Winter, who let the13 year old leave the house dressed like a 30 year old! Just stop the madness at these events, save your fashion flaws for coffee or gym run. There are so many others, I must spare my fans the pain.

Hence, you land on the worst dressed list for the world to see and that is not cool. Fashion is the ultimate statement and more importantly becoming more of the focal point than the award you win. Now, let's look at my choices for the "woe, you didn't!"

Messy Melissa

Paula Abdul-not Straight Up!

Juliana Marguiles-Alien teardrops or Cocoon-ing

Gwyneth gone Bollywood

Gates of Heaven closed -Cast of Charlie's Angels

Aye Caramba! Heidi Klum and Seal

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