December 24, 2011

Suited Up for the Holidays !

Back in the day, Marlene Dietrich (pic, right) stopped the presses in her white tuxedo. Then Diane Keaton continued tradition in showed up to most red carpet events in her all white attire. Now its Janelle Monae (pic, left) keeping real modern making appearances in her tuxedo. If you are afraid of stepping out in the all white wear just don a jacket or trousers for instant appeal. You will look polished with that feminine edge.

You have attended the holiday parties and gatherings this season and there are more to come until the new year rolls around. To stand out from the rest with your holiday attire; suit up! Show up in all white suit!

Everywhere you turn in the holiday function most are playing it safe in the basic black, red, or gold traditional holiday attire. You want options, who wants to have to fidget with Spanx under our dresses during the party? Think about comfort and ease of wearing a suit.  And why not do white? Yes, I know you have to be careful about getting it soiled, but sometimes you got to take risks especially with fashion.

Can't afford designer ...
Check out Jennifer Lopez's White Tuxedo Jacket At Kohl's

Or for fuller figure, opt for pants by Worthington at JC Penney

Happy Holidays to All! : )

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  1. I actually have a white suit too!! and yep i guess i shd do that..looks chic and i will probably wear it soon :D

    I love 2 follow eachothers blog regularly thru Bloglovin and GFC if u like :)).
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