January 8, 2012

Accessory Attack- Baubles Over Bullets

With the recent events war in Iraq-removal of U.S. troops; someway, somehow, we always find ourselves fighting someone else's battles. Now it's 2012, even somewhat troubling, it's an election year to say the least. It's time to find a more peaceful solution to this never-ending game of war. Enough is enough, crime is on the rise, the economy is in a frenzy, when will there be peace and stability in the world?

Luckily there are jewelry designers on the creative front who have found better uses for bullets than spraying them on a battlefield. They've cultivated bullets and casings into priceless gems. Most of these harmless designs are made form brass casings or alloy.  Maybe we should put some of our world leaders to the test to see who comes up with the best recycled bullet design,wins.

Sometimes I wonder... do we really need guns? I think we need to seek Vitality not Violence.

bullets 4 peace
Grapes of Wrath Earrings by PrarieOats

Silver Money Clip with Bullet Stud

AKAWELLE™ Necklace w/ Eco-suede cord
"Peace" Pearl Necklace by Bulletgirl

Some use guns for sport and recreation.Too many of our population think guns give them power and control.
More innocent people are being killed in the midst of battle, whether on the streets or on the front lines of war.

Guns are not fun, nor the remedy...
Love... Life... Peace.

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Feel free to leave your comments on this world being more peaceful... : )

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