January 27, 2012

Octavia Optimized! Octavia Spencer Spotlight

Octavia Spencer is going to be one to watch this award season. After clutching the Golden Globes for Actress in a Supporting Role, her dressing up days are going to be furiously fashionable. Since all the past big beautiful women have shed pounds, Jennifer Hudson, Jordin Sparks, and Raven Symone. there are not many role models for the average women since everyone is extreme dieting exercising their way to bobble head syndrome. The average woman can't afford time and money to exercise and diet to fit into sample sizes. I know when I shop its hard to find anything beyond size 10 in department stores. Listen up Hollywood someone has got to represent big beautiful buxom females! We all can't starve ourselves to stick pin thinness. 

For instance Angelina Jolie was beautifully dress in her gown but I thought to myself, how fragile her arms looked. If Brad held her too tight, she looked like she would break into pieces!

Message to Octavia: If you want to continue to lose weight; fine, but don't go strutting down the carpet looking like the rest of the bobble heads, for you a big and beautiful the way you are.

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