March 13, 2012

Style Focus- Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz plays the role of Cinna in the upcoming motion picture The Hunger Games. He will be playing a stylist, since I haven't read the novel, I am clueless as to his style transformations with Katniss. I do have the book and regret not having a chance to complete to date. I know from a quote in the book when Cinna asks Katniss to "twirl for me," from that statement of exuding confidence, Cinna seems like a grand stylist. Hence, I decided to focus on Lenny Kravitz style. From his first hit to the present day, Lenny goes with whatever feels right for his rocker style. He makes no apologies or no regrets for his fashion choices-because no matter what he's wearing, he just looks good. And I must say this man has good genes and wears jeans with justice!
I will go to see The Hunger Games, but mainly I'm hungry for Lenny Kravitz! ; )
Lenny rocks and rules.

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