April 12, 2012

Polish responsibly! Scotch Naturals™ Nail Polish

Who can resist nail polish? I know I can't. It is like the quick pick me up cosmetic and accessory fix for your fingers. 
A Scottish proverb says," They talk of my drinking, but never my thirst."
For the nail polish junkies, your nails are always thirsty for a manicure trend; Scotch Naturals™ are a nontoxic, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free brand of nail polishes.
They are water-based polishes at the price of $14.99 each , also featuring a soy based nail polish remover at the price of $11.99. Ode to Scotland, reigns true to themed named nail colors such as Celtic Mix, Lemon Highlander, Queen of Scots,and Flying Scotsman. 
Products are available for purchase on scotchnaturals.com.

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