June 25, 2012

Wide Awake! Katy Perry Style Focus

Katy Perry has a bubblegum machine of fashion flavor! From her humble beginnings to her present day "blue do", Katy keeps her fans engaged in her every move. It's apparent that she's learned from the mavens of fashion past like Cher and Madonna; reinvention is the ultimate marketing tool. Her style range is from sophisticated edge to carousel chicness of amusement. Katy Perry's constant chameleon looks never cease to amaze us and takes us a candy coated wave of couture.
I'm thinking her next move would be to have a car named after her for she continues to take the audience on a joy ride with her talent and fashion choices.
Thank you Katy for giving the world a part of you.

Don't forget to support her upcoming motion picture , "Katy Perry: Part of Me"
Coming Soon to Theaters
Opening Thursday, July 5th

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