November 18, 2012

Bugged Out! Insect inspired fashions

Bugged out and trippy is the way I feel as a roam the grocery store shopping for this coming Thanksgiving feast. I know I am not the only one. I see people running up and down the aisle like cockroaches do when the lights are turned on! So I came from the store after finishing, I think, I hope, my list of items for Thanksgiving, which has led to this post.

Bugs, insects, dragonflies, and other crawlers of nature always make an appearance in fashion.  It may have to do with the love or mystique of nature. Personally it helps me to overcome some annoyances of these creepy crawlies. It makes me realize that I am bigger that those bugs, spiders, beetles, etc... and for the most part, they can't harm me. Although, they can be annoying in life, bugs add a dangerously hip touch to accessories and clothing.
Asos Bug Buckle Metal Belt  

Wilbur & Gussie Charlie Cranberry Bug

Tom Binns
I wish you all that are celebrating the feast of Thanksgiving much sanity through the chaotic moments and mainly to be thankful everyday for the daily blessings.

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