November 14, 2010

Tortoise and the Hair

 I've seen quite an upstream in people wearing specs; prescriptions on not. Nerdy is nouveau with frames on the runways of Prada, Dries Van Noten, Vera Wang, and others. Your specs can be your mask, portraying to world your intellectual side; or your eye wear can be your mirror to world reflecting confidence and chicness.
References this season borrow from the references of icons such as, Buddy Holly, Betty Davis, and Diane Keaton's Annie Hall  which have made tortoise eye wear their way to create a cool fashion accessory. Tortoise frames look right on all face shapes and compliment all skin tones. You can look into updating your eye wear for reading or also important, for protection from the sun during these cold months.

From the title you may be thinking of some new hairstyles for  display.These hairs are of different affair.
When the North wind blows... so does the fur come flying out the closet. Wearing real fur is mainly considered a vain, elitist sport. Fur for the most part is always in fashion these colder months ahead of us. Real or fake these furs are too cozy to pass up. Fur is not just on coats this season, scarves, vests, boots, and yes, handbags too are kicking it up on the runways.  Often viewed as a luxury purchase, one can find pieces at more economical prices. Mind you, I don't want to get wrapped up in the cruelty politics of it all; so long as our furry friends are not threatened with extinction.  See if you can guess what real or faux.

Foto Finds:

1. bette davis (photo)
2. eyeglasses
3. diane keaton (photo)
5. (faux)
6. boots,
7. faux fur vest, necklace tee,
8. mink earrings, robin
9 .foxtail messenger bag,
10.faux fur coat , 



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