January 12, 2011

Resort Recital

Hello 2011! It seems to be moving at the speed of light. I say, reflect , resolve and resort to better and brighter times this year. It's that time after the turkey, crumpled gift wrap, and swept away confetti... time for some to take that much needed vacation and runaway as fast you can afford to. Some seek the paradises Boca, Bora Bora, and or maybe the haven of your bathroom can be turn into that spa getaway. I'm sure you have heard of Calgon!

For those of you visiting my page, I am curious to see what other designers doing who are not in the mix of our standard publications. Who are they, where are they, and what contributions are they making to the world of fashion? In my search for seeking out resort wear; I bumped upon Samantha Sotos, an Australian designer trained and living in Greece. I checked out her Spring Summer 2011 show from the Athens Fashion Week and found her collection fun, flirty, and feminine. Her designs take from Grecian inspiration, such as the Greek pattern on necklines and gold tasseled sashes enhancing waistlines. Sotos' designs made women look like their on permanent holiday. Her silhouettes compliment most body types and cross all age ranges. And in an "Usher" voice (OMG) I do fancy the flouncy footwear the models are wearing.


For the bargain hunters, Calgon can take you away with their range of bath products. A personal favorite of mine is the Tahitian Orchid, the tropical florals are pleasant not overpowering. Since I can't afford the trip to Tahiti, I let Calgon put me in the mental state of being there!

Tahitian Orchid Bath Set

So there it is my first post in the new year, thank you for visiting, thanks for those who left emails; also,feel free to leave your comments. I wish all good vibes and great adventures this year. With my topics, I want to explore, excite, entertain and evolve my fashion inspiration and my blog.

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