January 17, 2011

Golden Globes 2011... Fashion Action or Retake

I, like many watched the Golden Globes 2011; not only to cheer for my favorite movies and shows , but ultimately to check who's wearing what. For the most part, the celebs must be paying attention to fashion critics, press, blogs, etcetera because there were not so many disappointments.  I have come to the conclusion that Helena Bonham Carter just doesn't give an E2da"F" when it comes to red carpet events and is marching to her own beat. And Tilda Swinton must have been separated by birth from David Bowie. I love her body of work as an actress, but often, she leaves me to wonder about her choice in fashion for these events. Sandra Bullock, another fave, was a major downer, she looked like "Cousin It" did her hair! What was she hiding from? All that bang action going on! Heidi Klum and Seal-Auf...Arf! Their fashion choices were out!Total disaster for such a couple. 

Even though the show was a bore at times, overall I enjoyed watching the fashion parade. Ricky Gervais was okay as host, but next year I say let Robert Downey, Jr. give it go. He seems to get a party started! 

I know everyone has put out their lists for fashion hitz and glitz, and here's mine to add to the mix.

Best dressed in Black-Eva Longoria

Best in Color-Silently stunning in Calvin Klein- Emma Stone

Sizzling Senior- Jane Fonda

Best Dressed Couple-Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones

Best Dressed Male-Johnny Depp (he's just so Johnny!)

Worst Dressed-Couple and Individually- Seal & Heidi Klum

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