February 21, 2011

Nicki Minaj Leopard Ensemble = 4Real Fashion

Of course, leopard prints never goes out of fashion. There went Nicki Minaj down the red carpet, strutting in her leopard ensemble. And yes people may not have gotten her outfit, I thought it was well done and happy to see embraced her artistic style. The Grammy Award Show was the place to do it. See, one just can forget it or can't stop talking about it or that egg from which Lady Gaga was hatched, but that's another story! 

Look by Victoria's Secret
Here are some looks to get you inspired to let you know you too can wear leopard print and by the way it doesn't have to be head to toe; a blouse, scarf, belt or handbag will do. Have fun experimenting, that's what fashion is about.
Harper's Bazaar China Jan'11
White trench modified-Jazmine Sullivan

foto facts:
Getty Images
Harpers, by Brandon

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