February 13, 2011

Grammys Ga_ gone wild!

The Grammys have gone wild! The Grammys are one of the most entertaining shows for red carpet fashion. The artists get to let loose and let their fashion alter egos dance on the red carpet.

Lady Gaga

For the most part, I was entertained by the fashion individualism of Lenny Kravitz, Nicki Minaj, Paramore, and Katy Perry. Lady Gaga channeled the aliens and arrived in an egg! What an entrance? Forget thinking outside of the box, she is thinking outside of the galaxy! What is she going to do next? Lady Gaga is a millenium ahead of the rest.

So tired of the same old look from LLCoolJ and Janelle Monea. Those two are stuck in a stylist sandtrap. Please step out of your comfort zone for the next event. A duo I can personally do without on these events are Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, they just seem so utterly bland and boring. Maybe too much Botox, Kidman? 

Overall, I wasn't disappointed. My picks for hitz and one hit misses are:

Divine Divas

Paz Vega

Kim Kardashian

JLo is back!

Miranda Lambert

Big=Beautiful Representation

Lalah Hathaway

Reject their Replay

Ricky Martin in 2 cans of silver spray paint

Rhianna- aka Mrs.Claus 2011

Bonnie McKee- Creamsicle Crash

DJ David Guetta-Arrived from day job (painter)

Foto Credits:
Photos via  Wire image & Getty images

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