March 24, 2011

Elizabeth Everlasting- Elizabeth Taylor Style Tribute

Gone is the Grand Dame of Hollywood...Elizabeth Taylor. She has left behind a legacy of influence in the fashion world. Although much of her life was lived in the public; her marriages, cinematic career, and tabloid tribulations; she never waivered or folded in defeat. Elizabeth was a pillar of philanthropic endeavors before it was "the thing" to do.   She brought style and grace to everything she touched. Her style is timeless and will forever be reinvented for years to come.

...As Cleopatra
Cher's  interpretation

Before Gaga... when most thought of Elizabeth's headdress was a fashion don't. She wore what made her feel glamorous.  Even Elizabeth was a fashion risk taker, paving the way for future divas.

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds

Jennifer Lopez Love and Glamour

A true marketing maven before the branding machine became part of the celebrity package, Elizabeth introduced her fragrance in 1991.
Today, Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds fragrance is still one the best selling fragrances.


                      RIP Elizabeth Taylor...for your elegance and influence is everlasting.

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