April 25, 2011

The Networked Royals- Prince William and Kate

All in a buzz about the upcoming wedding to take place this Friday April 29th. Prince William and Kate, the new dynamic duo of the British Monarchy. Some people say they don't care or are sick of hearing all the web and media hype. I call them the "Networked Royals " because they will turn the internet into a frenzy on the day of their nuptials. Twitter will be twisted and tied into knots with a blockade of tweets. But who can resist watching a fairy tale wedding?
All will take a glimpse of this event.

I wonder how long will it be before he stands in to be king.  Queen Elizabeth is not standing down until her last breath, and next in line is Prince Charles... will England be receptive towards Prince Charles being king?  If Princess Diana were alive, I think possibly yes, even though their marriage didn't remain intact. When that day comes, I hope he just stands down and hands it over to Prince William, it's time for some youth to inject freshness back to the monarchy.

I, like most are excited to see what Kate will be wearing.  I think it will be modern and sleek with a hint a tradition... perhaps a super long soft flowy train.  And what suit of armor will William wear?  Oh the pressure, these two must face, for their lives will change in the flash of a bulb. The world will be watching their every step. I hope that they will lead a more fulfilling life than the previous generations before them .


Photo credit (AP Photo/Michael Dunlea, Pool)

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