April 17, 2011

Cool Breeze

Summer is just around the bend... keeping cool and chic is not an easy task. Some days you fight the forces of humidity, sometimes it just the blazing heat or a combo of both extremes. But...oooo... ahhh the air conditioning works! Life is going to be ok.
Another alternative to keeping cool is to wear the color white. It helps you keep cool by reflecting the those strong uv rays. White is such the classic summer color but how sterile you have to be when wearing it, because the slightest smudge sticks out like a sore thumb. You can add any color to it to complement and give your outfit a voice, but personally I think it can uphold itself without to much of a fuss. The simpler you keep your outfit the more smooth, clean, and modern you'll look.

Kate Winslet looking stronger than titanium-Vogue/UK Apr2011

 Fashion classic movie moment - Michelle Pfeiffer (Scarface)

Got the cool breeze runway look at Chloe SS11

An Affordable Alternative



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