July 28, 2011

Reading Revival - Publishing Pt.2

Magazines are losing readership with the increasing drive of internet traffic and access to technological devices to keep us abreast of info on the millisecond. Men's magazines have been slumping in readership since 2007 according to Reuters. I wish I were more disciplined to read and complete at least  two books a month. Life as it goes and busy as it gets allows me to read about two to three books a year.  
I say there is nothing better than the feel of paper in my hands, especially when it's money! But on a serious front, there is nothing like printed material, a Sunday New York Times, the September Vogue issue, or looking up words in the dictionary-remember how to do that?
Don't let the art of publishing diminish due to technology... purchase that book, magazine, or newspaper it holds history.
It's a medium we shouldn't have to worry about becoming extinct.

On my list of books to buy:

The Kid by Sapphire
Happy Birthday by Danielle Steele

Celebs Astounding August Covers:

Frieda Pinto / Interview Magazine

Beyonce/ Complex Magazine

Born This Way-Lady GaGa/ Spex Magazine

SVA Magazine (Norway)

                                     Prayers and Strength to the people of Norway...

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