July 24, 2011

Let's Go Surfing!

I guess it's the beach I crave so much from living in the desert. The heat is making me see mirages and constantly daydream. My mind is drifting back to my list of things to do and one of them happens to be surfing. Mind you, I do have a phobia of the deep water; by deep, I mean over 10 feet. My phobia stems partly because of Jaws (one of my favorite films), no negative press here! My other terrifying incident in the water occurred when I was stung by a jellyfish; not a magnanimous one, but it left painful welts across my legs. OMG! I'm experiencing a traumatic flashback! Now I exhale... for I am getting a panic attack by remembering the pain and jotting this info!

Enough of my painful experiences; now on to brighter pleasantries. Surfing! Hopefully, one day I will find the courage to try to surf, but until then... these items are on my shopping list for my gear. We fashion-istas have to make a statements everywhere- especially on the surfboard.

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Shopping List:
Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Tunic Coverup $43, victoriassecret.com; Chanel Surfboards, chanel.com; Keratase Soleil Creme UV multi-protective creme for sun-exposed hair $36,keratase-usa.com; Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch W/P Sunblock SPF 100 $10,44, drugstore.com; Katherine Hamnett Save The Sea(eco-sustainable) Towel $95, yoox.com; Ink Wavey Frilled String Bikini $186, kikidoll.com

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