September 11, 2011

Style Focus-Juliette Lewis

Juliette Lewis may not be one of the mainstream fashion focus in the media. I decided to focus on her because I just watched her in Due Date and had an awakening. She is one of the most versatile character actresses around, who doesn't get the full "Hollywood" accolades she rightfully deserves.
From her pivotal roles in Cape Fear, Natural Born Killers, The Other Sister, and Hysterical Blindness just to name a few; Juliette steals the scene and makes memorable movie moments effortlessly. As Lady Gaga sings in "Born This Way", so it goes Juliette Lewis was born the way to be in the public eye to be a rocker/ actress. Also not to forget her notable performance in the music video, by Melissa Etheridge, " Come To My Window." You got to admit she is one of those actresses that when she makes her appearance on the screen, you will be pleasantly surprised on what emotional adventure she take the audience on.

Her style is just as versatile as her role selections. She evokes a bit of quirkiness, rocker, positive, carefree, natural spirit in her dress. Juliette is like a nouveau hippie. She dances to the beat of her own style strings, without a care to fall into the focus of being on the next best dressed list. It seems no matter what she is wearing, she is comfortable in it. Her style translates to being affordable and most of us can go to our closets and pull off her style. This what makes her stand out and lend herself to being a fashion muse.


       I have a feeling when she is in her senior years, she'll still dress the same.
       Well, maybe more modestly.

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