August 31, 2011

MTV VMA's 2011 Revisited

In a sense the MTV VMA's 2011 left me #smh, saying Huh?, what was that ? I have come to expect more from MTV award show since they are one of the pioneers in music video broadcasting. I watched the "host-less" show, need I say we could have done without Selena Gomez on the black carpet interviews, she was like watching paint dry on a cold day. It seems MTV has become more of a reality based broadcasting station with the hits of The Real World, The Jersey Shore, and Teen Mom to name a few. Nowadays, I can't say that I get updated with music videos via MTV anymore.

Enough of my critique on what happened to the music on the Music Television. The performance highlights of the show were by Joey Calderone aka Lady Gaga; she took the hint from Madonna, in which she never fails to reinvent herself or disappoint her fans. And as for  Hurricane Irene, she was downgraded to a tropical storm, especially when Jay-Z and Kanye hit the stage! Thank goodness for Adele! She showed up, graced the stage, and blessed the audience with her immaculate vocals. Other notable performances were by Bruno Mars, Beyonce and the "belly rub" moment, and the Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse video performance. Those were unforgettable moments. 

Joey Calderone
Kanye and Jay-Z

Bruno Mars


Gotta have fashion! The best dressed crew winners in my envelope were...

Zoe Saldana

Kim Kardashian

And the Whatta mess crew! The Crumpled Envelope with no stamp goes to...

Miley Cyrus-2much2long2old4her!
Selena Gomez-Elvira's granddaughter?
Justin Bieber-I pity the poor fool!

Anime Holiday! I love Nicki Minaj and her sense of fun... but her look was like she fell into a broken bowl of candy.

Nicki Minaj- xs pixie dust

All Photo credits: GettyImages

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