October 23, 2011

Lash Out!

Long eyelashes are considered a sign of femininity in many cultures (source: wikipedia). Eyelash extensions, false eyelashes, and lash growth products have taken the market by storm. Some many mascaras and serums promising thickness, volume, length and growth for our lashes; it's seemingly like some products are like a male enhancement drug for our lashes! My exposure to the popularity of fake eyelashes were from icons Twiggy and Diana Ross. (Oops I'm dating myself)  Who knew that cosmetic fad would be back with such a potent statement?

And its not held for evening out on the town, at work, the gym, the grocery store, women are batting their eyes like fans. At first I was not a fan of this fad to come back, but now I too, have bought into this and having fun with it. Since I'm braving my budget, I have bought a pair of Natural Lashes from Elf which for a dollar is a quality purchase and a bang for your buck. Though I did have to search around for a great eyelash glue, which costs an additional three dollars; I'm ahead of the game. Also Revlon makes good looking natural lashes if you are a DIY-er. For those who dare to be different, don on the colored (pictured right), feathered(below), or even diamond lashes (pictured left).

 I love mascara... I find Lancome products the best for me. Mascara is an instant eye opener and gives my eye a perk that I can't get from coffee. I am a long time user and fan of Lancome Definicils,it  doesn't smudge for I have somewhat oily skin and adheres well. Lately have used the Hypnose, Hypnose Drama, and Virtuose with success. My next indulgence will be the Hypnose Doll Lashes!

Mascara is my beauty splurge and well worth it. There are other brands on the market I use also such as Clinique, Dior, and Clarins and others to name a few. Drugstore brands like L'Oreal , Revlon, and the good old staple Great Lash Waterproof hold well. I must also try Cover Girl Lash Blast a few people have told me good things abut that product. So leave a comment let me know what lash products you would give a good review for. I'm a mascara product junkie... it's one beauty product I don't leave my house without it. Experiment and be fabu-lash-ious! ; )

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  1. I'm really fond of eye-makeup. And I use mascara and sometimes an eyelash curler and it really highlights my face.