October 27, 2011

Mummified ... Haute-ing Halloween 2011

Mummification dates back to the Egyptians around 3000BC. (source:wikipedia) Last year I posted All Haute-ing Halloween and got such positive responses, so I decided not to break a tradition and come back with a new segment this year. This year, I selected The Mummy... I had other themes that crossed my mind ... but I decided to go with another classic horror icon. I know Nicki Minaj will be a popular costume this year; on the other hand, I'm presenting a thoroughly modern mummy theme.

Inspiration for your Halloween gear doesn't have to be so literal, just use a bit of influence to amuse yourself.

Herve Leger Runway F/W- 2011/12

Sweater dress-limited.com

 Monster Mummy- Lady Gaga

Jessica Simpson Mummy to Be 2011

Heidi Daus Scarab Ring- hsn.com

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