November 6, 2011

Shopping Cart Selections- Fall 2011

Scouring publications and stores, there are an exciting array of products and trends that are on my shopping list for Fall 2011. Whether they will make their way to my closet, well, that's another story. In this economy, I am monitoring my wallet like the next working girl; trying to stretch my dollar like a rubberband! On the other hand, there is no micro-monitoring for my wish list, for it is endless. 

Super Studded ,Power Pumps- These shoes say "I'm walking here!"

Vince Cammuto Jamma Pumps

 River Island Studded Platform

Versace collabs with H&M - Donatella is doing her thing and presenting affordable pieces to the masses. I wonder, do I really have a chance to snag a garment?
It seems people have been on line since this summer!
And the day is near... start your engines, launch date is November 17th. 

Another marriage stays strong, is Gucci Westman and Revlon. As their global artisitc director, Gucci took reference from her favorite artists of the Expressionistic  school , such as Cy Twombly. Pulling inspiration straight from canvas onto makeup palettes. Rich plums, glittering polishes, and smoldering celestial eye colors is like a cosmopolitan for the face.

Getting Scent-imental...I'm such a fragrance fanatic just so you know! Walking through fragrance aisles and getting "sniff-notized."  My fragrance frenzy leads me to these immediate favorites ... DKNY Golden Delicious- invites one to take a bite!; Dolce Gabbana The One Lace Limited Edition-like luxury lingerie for the skin; Someday by Justin Bieber- doesn't smell like teen spirit-it's all grown and sexy scent; Prada Candy- candy that's zero calories and an delectable scent!

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