February 13, 2012

Grammy 2012 Fashion- Press Rewind for Review

The Grammy Show this year had a major somber note with the sudden passing of Whitney Houston. This year the show was more of a talent showcase than an award show. I mean, how many actual awards were handed out? I think I saw Chris Brown and the Foo Fighters perform on stage more than any recipients. I love the outlandish Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga for their cosmic creations. Thanks for living on the edge...isn't that what fashion is about. It keeps us entertained and amazed by creativity. For the artists that took advantage of the night for glam, thanks for no real major disappointments. I really can't be too critical at the music event shows, it is all about daring to be different and setting the red carpet afire!


Paris Hilton

Katy Perry

Artistic ...

Bonnie McKee


Sasha Gradiva

             Thank you Whitney Houston for sharing your songs with the world.
Spread your wings and fly.

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