February 13, 2012

Valentine's Chocolate 2012

Oh Dear it's Valentine's Day again! For some it's flowers and candy; for others, it's a dreadful day watching all the flowers and balloons parade in the office. Love to me, is to be celebrated everyday; for if you are loved and can love yourself than half the battle is won. Valentine's Day is as marketable as Christmas. So without getting wrapped up in the commercialism, I decided to display a non-caloric version of chocolate, which can be edible ;) and more tempting to look at than the candy you'll receive on Valentine's Day. 
Chocolate, caramel. mocha latte ... led me to question, where are the prominent black models? The only famous black male supermodel I think most know is Tyson Beckford. He is all well and good but the light needs to be shone on the up and coming models. For there is talent on the runways, the streets, and screens.. I decided to feature some flavorful images of delightful chocolate men who may not be as famous as Denzel or Will, but they are just as enticing to look at. So I celebrate you delectable men of color; for you are more flavorful than my favorite chocolate candy bar!  Yummmm : )  Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. nice mac! Like your metaphors and connections. In your writings. Yeah!!!