July 9, 2012

Love me or Love me Knot

Ahh summer love...as the weather heats up so does our natural chemistry. First, our wardrobe lightens up, our hearts soften, eyes get dreamy and sometimes you meet upon a summer love. 
Bex Rox Love Knot

To celebrate and remind my audience that love is all around you. You don't have to seek it in desperation. Sometimes it's in the unlikeliest places, and sometimes you already have but don't realize it; hence, it may disappear.
Astley Clarke Love Knot Diamond Ring $6187

In the meantime, a jewelry staple to be added to your collection is the love knot. The knot has no beginning nor an end. It represents a connection, friendship, and love. The intertwining of the loops supposedly dates back to sailors who were separated from their love and wore knotted gold wires to symbolize their love.(source:wikipedia)
Majorica Organic Manmade Baroque Pearl Love Knot Lariat $160

If you are already bonded in a relationship, looking for a new love this summer, or just stylishly single mingling, be happy and be safe. Also remember like Rupaul says, "If you don't love yourself, how the hell you expect someone to love you." XOXO

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