July 24, 2012

inFRINGEment- fringed items in fashion

No one rocks the fringe bang like Kim Kardashian!
Fringe is a fun and sexy detail that decorates our clothing, accessories, and yes, our bangs. This embellishment takes us back to the fashion references of old Western jackets and the roaring twenties. It is a timeless,season-less feature that you cannot get tired of. I'm sure most of my readers have a fringed garment or accessory in their wardrobe. Those of you who are adventurous and perhaps risque readers, I know you own a pair of CHAPS! ; ) And if fringed items not hanging in your wardrobe, it has to be somewhere in your home decor via your towels, drapery, or beaded entryways made popular in the 70's! I'm not sure of the first person who decided to use this border on clothing, but they must've lived on the edge (No pun intended). 
It is said that Spanish and Mexican cowboys wore chaps for protection from the elements such as brush and inclement weather. (source: ehow)
Fringe makes garments come alive and makes the female wearer feel sassy, and the males feel like they want to rock on or ride on the open range.
So go ahead live on the fringe!

Gareth Pugh Runway circa 2010 Fringe Nail
Maya Hansen Spring 2012 Fringe Dress

Ann Demeulemeester Fringe Damask Waistcoat

Faux Suede Fringe Handbag

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