July 28, 2012

Medal Contention- Summer Olympic Style 2012

The Summer Olympic Games of 2012 are underway. Televisions, pcs, and cellphones are tuned by viewers around the world to watch their favorite sport of choice and cheer for athletes around the world. One of the emotional highlights of the Olympics is the medal ceremony. The athletes stand proud on the podium and medals are decorated around the necks. In the spirit of the Olympic festivities, you can show your personal medal tribute in style by giving yourself some metallic fashion flair. What's your medal of choice to wear proudly?
Check out style suggestions below.  ( P.S.. I partial to silver! : ))

Ancient Greek Sandals Ikaria Metallic Leather Wing Sandals

Rick Owens Silver Leather Biker Jacket

Gianni Versace Couture

Other metallic medal contenders:

Silva/bradshaw Ero Ring

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Eye Shadow Single, Pure Silver

H&M Bronze Aviators

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