October 29, 2012

Halloween 2012...Wednesday Addams Inspired

Lisa Loring as Wednesday Addams
What would be in Wednesday Addams wardrobe? For her age remains at a youthful standstill, I can picture her to be chronologically in any age range from 20 thru 70. Although she was an estimated six years old, in the 60's when the series aired, her style can transcend through the decades.
I think Wednesday would still have the glare as if she can see through your whole life, hardly ever crack a smile, and her pigtails would now be transformed to a ponytail, a sleek bob or perhaps dreadlocks. Maybe in the summer, she would change her hair color, go incognito, and dye it blonde.
Her makeup would consists of a smoky eye with a pale lavender or pale pink lip. Her other accessories for the day would include a black parasol inherited from her mother, Morticia and dark Gucci shades.

I picture her living in New York City for it provides the perfect energy for her gothic vibe. I don't know what her career choice would be, I imagine a gallery owner of some sort. Collecting art filled with works of Edvard Munch, Egyptian sarcophagi, and ancient guillotines. Wednesday was fond of spiders, headless dolls, ballet , and art. On the other hand, she would own an underground downtown club, that sold a collection of Marie Antoinette dolls from around the world by day; and at night, you would enter around the side or back door for the one of the coolest ultra lounges in town.

Since this Halloween 2012 falls on a Wednesday, how befitting a tribute to the style of Wednesday Friday Addams through timeless ageless fashion. Enjoy viewing "Boos!"

            Wednesday (age 20)

Wednesday (age 30)
Thierry Mugler
Wednesday (age 30)

Michael Kors
    Wednesday (age 40)

 Christian Dior
                                                                                            Wednesday (age 50)

Rick Owens
                                                                                             Wednesday (age 60)

Carmen Dell Orefice (model)
                                                                         Wednesday (age 70)

Other essentials for Wednesday Style:

Cosmetics:  Nars Fall 2012 Collection
Scent: Lady Gaga Fame
Betsey Johnson
Lulu Guinness Clutch

Marc Jacobs
Karen Walker

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