October 14, 2012

Trendsetting Fall Items 2012

A few trend items / themes I would like to highlight for the Fall 2012 that  I think will find their way to your way to your wardrobe. (or if you don't already have it_ for fashion is cyclical)

Brocade Brigade
Instead of being imprisoned to home decor of drapes and furniture, brocade has blazed a revival down the runways carrying over from the Spring. It can be dressed for day or evening. just make sure when including in your day wear, you wear subdued colors like brown, white, even light blue. For evening you can wear opulent colors like purple, gold, and green for a night out.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label

Brocade Jacket from Vika Gazinskaya.
7 For All Mankind Brocade Foil Block Print Denim

Portal of prints
Most people are afraid of prints. Namely they do attract attention, and can make figure flaws noticeable. Dont be afraid of all over prints and be experimental about wearing 2 or 3 different prints together. as long as they fall within the same color scheme and you are realistic as what pattern works for you, you will look and feel like you're on your own runway of life. For the fuller fashionistas choose thinner stripes, smaller dots or variant sizes within same pattern, and smaller scaled prints so you will look fabulously thick- embrace you curves! 

Elena Miro

D&G Multi-Print Silk Dress

Miu-Miu-Fall-2012-Ad-Campaign feat. Chloe Sevigny

Get Foxy
The animal for the hunt this season is the fox. I am not suggesting to go out and slay these creatures, I am presenting presenting animal friendly ways to wear this sly, unassuming animal for Fall 2012 in the form of accessories and garments.

Asos Tshirt with Fox Wrap

Asos Fox Necklace
Asos Fox Buckle Skinny Waist Belt

Emilie Thomas Fox Ring Gold
Stay tuned for more Fall 2012 Trend Faves...

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