December 24, 2012

Red-i for Christmas! Red reigns for the Holidays

Are you ready for Christmas? Is a popular question. Especially in this strained economy, I just want people to stop asking me this question.  I mean who is ever ready for Christmas?  I would be ready for Christmas if I could vacation to a tropical island, wearing a red bikini, a sipping on some red wine. : ) Only kids are in high anticipation of the Christmas holiday.

Nowadays I don't get wrapped up in the commercialism of Christmas.
My fulfillment is the love and happiness that is shared daily with my family and friends.  But even a budget conscious fashionista like myself needs to represent during these festive times. And last night I did a diy pedicure and donned some red polish on my toe-sies!
So I decided to take a spin on on this question by searching for some red hot fashions to get you ready for the holiday festivities of the season. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not , red is a popular color this season and besides it is a flattering color on all skin tones. Red catches the eye and is always a festive color to wear whether on your lips, nails, or body.  Some selections below to give you a few ideas, be joyful and ready in red! Happy Holidays!

Alice + Olivia

Reiss Red IPad Case
Asos Curve Exclusive Red Leggings
Christian Louboutin Spike Patent Pumps

Mango Red Stone Embossed Ring
Astley Clarke Gold Archipelago Ring
Valentino Red Bow Evening Clutch

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