March 31, 2013

Hold Onto Your Easter Hat!

I remember as a child shopping with my parents for Easter wear. First, we head to to dresses, then the accessories shoes stockings purse and of course the cherry on the cupcake, the hat. It is nothing like donning that finishing touch of placing a hat on your head whine the outfit calls for it. I feels like placing a crown on your crowning glory.
I wonder who wore the first Easter bonnet and what decor was upon it?
I don't see many people upholding the tradition of wearing Easter hats as in the past. I guess it depends on where you live and also worship. If I were to wear an Easter hat today, I'd wear something with butterflies, plumage, twigs, and eggs (not real eggs of course). I would like my hat to cause as much of a stir as Princess Beatrice's hat did at the Royal Wedding of William and Kate.

And now for a parade of Phillip Treacy spring summer 2013.

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