June 30, 2013

Fourth of July Fashion 2013

I'll start by saying this... I am disappointed that Independence day falls on a Thursday, for after the fizzle of the last fireworks, I will have to return to work on Friday. Nonetheless, fashion doesn't sleep; I have searched around for some sizzling styles for the Fourth of July for both men  and women to get you inspired. 

I do like the spectacular fireworks, barbecues, parades, and patriotic pride that occurs on the Fourth of July. Some may feel these United States aren't so united at times; but when it is time for unity in times of despair, Americans do unite with pride. I recently travelled  to Europe and I had an amazing time. I made people laugh in Europe because when I had to use a public restroom, I had to pay to use the facilities. When I was in line, I then began to chant a song of "pay to pee, pay to poop." Hence, I became thankful for the freedoms we have here in America that I may usually take for granted.

This year I searched for mostly items decorated in the spirit of the American Flag. "Contrary to popular belief, the U.S. Flag Code does permit the use of flag design in fashion et cetera, provided that such a design was not formed using the actual design of the flag. The wearing of any article of clothing representing the flag is allowed, however, the flag itself is not." (source: wikipedia) Display your patriotic pride in respectful manner this Independence Day and sparkle like the brightest fireworks.

Asos Bodycon Flag print design

MOTO dip dye flag denim hotpants

Clare Vivier Flat Clutch

Ralph Lauren American Flag Print Denim Jacket

L'Wren Scott Flag Print Silk Dress

And for the men:

Philipp Plein Mickey American Flag T-Shirt

Beats By Dre Olympic Games Ltd. Ed. American Flag

John Varvatos Red Antique Printed Flag Scarf

Happy Fourth to All!

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