September 20, 2013

Accessory Attack... Watch It! Mens Watches

What I find sexy on a man is a watch. It can't just be a common watch, it has to be an eye-catching timepiece that makes a statement. A watch can be too big which I find unappealing, like the "mega-big face," "blinged" out watches. They have the feel of  a "super size me" watch.
I do get "wound up" by seeing a man in a great watch. I feel that a watch for men should contain characteristics of being traditional, classic, fun, sleek, and futuristic. Let's face it, the ultimate accessory for a man is a watch. I know some may his woman and a wedding band are accessories also, but a man is not going to part with his watch. The watch is the ultimate statement piece in a man's accessory gear. a man should not own just one watch, like women have an array of shoes and handbags, a man should have quite a few watches as armor for an accessory.

Mens Watches

(top L-R: Hugo Boss $350, Asos $37, Nixon $200, Karl Lagerfeld $146, Kenneth Cole $87, Ferragamo $1195, Tissot $675, Timex $65; bottom L-R:Adidas $119, Gucci $1395, Charriol $2090, Flud $90, Flud $80)

I don't think that men should pile on the jewelry like they are auditioning for the next rap artist. I am a fan of hip-hop, so  don't get me wrong, but I think less is more when it comes to a man's display of jewelry. The watch as an accessory is like the silent assassin of a man's wardrobe. To me, watch designs represent strength, sturdiness, power, adventure, and of course punctuality.
Personally, I own about two dozen watches. Nowadays, I don't see many people wearing watches. I guess it may be too stressful in trying to keep in time throughout the day. Also alot of people check their cell phones for accurate timekeeping. I think just a glance at the wrist is much quicker than fidgeting with keys on the cell phone.
Sometimes I wonder will these timepieces eventually fade away, I really hope not. I think back to the motion picture, In Time, and think will future generations be implanted with a chip that lets them know how much time they have left on this planet. If so,that would be more stressful than rush hour. I would be in a  constant state of anxiety and panic if that was to happen!
As the world turns I will just continue to wrist check the men, and when a female pays compliment to your wrist action; "Watch out," it may just be
from me!

(top L-R: Flud $70, Miansai $295, Michael Kors $210, ToyWatch $208, Burberry $495, Breil $210, bottom L-R: Movado $1295, Asos $37, Tsovet $302, Jack Spade $328, Vince Camuto $275, Aldo $40, Diesel $395, Rumbatime $175)

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