December 8, 2013

BrrrBabyBrrr-Coats for Winter 2013/14.

With the temperature plummeting this week from California to the Carolinas, you will need to bundle up and dress in layers for warmth. Over all of those layers is an outer shell, namely the coat. Some may care to choose a comfortable coat, because your number one priority is to stay warm.Your choice for comfort over style rules because you are not covered by that coat in the office or for other indoor activities. I say, you should wear a coat that provides warmth, comfort, and more importantly, style. One should think that wearing a coat is like the beautiful plumes on an exotic bird. My goal is to jumpstart your style sense this winter with this feature about coats. Whilst raining, snowing, sleeting or hailing; hopefully, you will have more than one coat in your closet.

I have scouted out 30 picks for temperatures 30 and below. Well, hopefully not too far below 30 degrees!

Enjoy the video and get inspired. Be chic while staying warm!
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17.Bernardo Mixed Shell Packable Goose Down Walking Coat
 18.Calvin Klein Herringbone BouclĂ© Cape
19.Tobi De Philo City Life Faux Fur Coat
20..Forever 21 City Chic Bouclé Coat
21.H&M Fake Fur Co
22.Gareth Pugh Asymmetric Sheepskin Coat
23.Patagonia Fiona Parka
24.Gianluca Capannolo Alpaca Cloth Coat
25.Victoria's Secret The Wool Side Tab Coat
26.Topshop Wool Notch Neck Coat
27.Maggy Frances Audrey Coat
28.Topshop Wool Notch Neck Coat
29.Burberry Double Wool Twill Zip Detail Coat
30.Rick Owens Fisher Wrap Vest

FYI... Coat selections range in prices as low as $52 all the way to $10.000. 
Click product description for pricing and link to detailed description.
Suggestions for budget fashionistas and those who are living luxuriously. 
Wow yourself this winter. : }

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