January 30, 2014

Grammy® Glamour Fashion 2014

The stars on the Grammy® scene have stepped up their red carpet wares this award winning caliber this year.  The Grammy's scene is the site to be the show stopper of self expressionism and fashion hype. Just reflect on what a stir Pharrell's hat conjured up. Most played it safe not sorry this Grammy® season.
I must sayt the popular color trends worn reminded of Christmas... in hues of white, red, green, and gold.
A lot of shine from metallic dresses such as those worn by Rita Ora, Annie Lennox and  Taylor Swift. Sights of skin-exposed slits on the gowns worn by Paris Hilton and Beyonce. Overall I was pleased with the glamorization  at this award show. The one thing that baffled me is that Madonna is starting to look more like the "Puppet Master" than the "Pop Princess" she once was.

My picks for those wearing  glistening, glamorous garments goes to the following:



Rita Ora
Katy Perry


Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose

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