February 10, 2011


Ballerina La Scala
With the release of the motion picture, Black Swan, the art of ballet has brought forth attention to ballet and made it cool, mainstream. We are seeing ballerinas in music videos, a rap artist no less, Kanye West ,with his hit Runaway, has made this performance art even more cool, more poetic in his short film for his album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. It makes ballet even more visible to some who wouldn't usually watch a ballet performance.

Designers are also using influence of ballet of Italy's Teatro La Scala Tods, who made Ballerina La Scala and created a video depicting the craft of their specially created ballet shoe as translated through the performance of 13 dancers. 

I have to say when I saw Black Swan, I had thoughts of the belated fashion muse, Isabella Blow running through my mind. I imaged her being placed in the movie, particularly in the scene where Nina is introduced as prima donna; and just picture Blow standing in the reception area, ever so chic; wearing a hat crafted by one her buddies- McQueen or Treacy taking center  stage.
R.I.P. ... Isabella Blow

               And the influence has moved off runways into our closets, perfume trays, and home decor.

Tutu Lamp-marthastewartweddings.com       

Red Carpet Graceful Edge-Rashida Jones

Essie Ballet Slippers Nail Color #162
Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb- Limited Holiday Tutu Edition

                                    So be graceful yet gorgeous and embrace the ballerina in you.:)

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