September 9, 2012

Cape Crusade- Capes for Fall 2012

Who could forget when Gwyneth Paltrow became the silent superhero of the red  carpet in her white Tom Ford cape dress for the Oscars® ceremony earlier this year?
This must have item, the cape, will transform you into a stylish superhero this fall 2012.
Capes were originally worn in medieval times by knights, nobles and farmers to distingush their social class. Capes are not just for eveningwear as they have been so popular in the past; they are now ever so befitting for daywear. Style tip for wearing a cape, it is best to wear clothing that is fitted underneath. Wearing baggy, loose fitting clothing may make you look like the great pumpkin!
Capes are cyclical in fashion as are other items; hence, the magic behind this garment is that it is flattering on all figures, can hide figure flaws, and presents a powerful cover against the fall weather elements. Awaken your fashion sense, be a modern Wonder Woman and don a cape this fall.

Mackage Twill Cape
Halogen Asymmetrical Cape
Diane Kruger in Jason Wu

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  1. I want to see my girl in that Jason Wu dress

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