September 23, 2012

Have Faith! Religion Inspired Fashion

And so it is Sunday...
The calmness of the day is soothing.
My religious foundation brings about guilt that I should attend mass frequently.


This posting is related to religion + fashion.
And what does it equate to.
Not only how they coexist in a functional way,
but what is the symbolism in relation to style?
Is it an exhibition of our religious beliefs? Or an expression of a cool fashion statement?


Most artists, rockers, and celebrities wear a cross embellished on their clothing,"blinged" out crucifixes around their necks, or tattooed on their body. 
What does this represent?
Are they Catholic? Or on a spiritual journey?  Protection?
Does it somehow contain the real meaning of the cross to the designer + consumer? 

Jennifer Lopez

I don't think the "marriage" of religion + fashion is offensive.
I am curious that this spiritual symbol never goes out of style in fashion inspiration/ industry.
Thus getting more popular through the generations.
I think that wearing a cross has different meaning according to the wearer.
Hopefully, it is a positive message.

Crucifix Footwear

I don't over analyze or judge.
I have questions that won't always get answered. 
Seeking, thinking, and creating patterns of thought.
Religion + Fashion = Faith-filled style?

Linda Farrow Crucifix Sunglasses

I appreciate freedom of religion and freedom of expression.
No matter your beliefs,
as George Michael sang in his popular hit, ...
You gotta have Faith.

Black Nile Crocodile Clutch

Thank you and feel free to share your thoughts and comments. XOXO

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