January 30, 2013

Wood you wear this?

Bits and Bytes Dress by Thrive
Save the trees is a long standing motto amongst the eco conscious set. With the world trying to save itself from self-destruction, more and more designers are looking to incorporate natural products to designs. Although these products may cost more, they are an investment style wise as well as art item. Wood is not a substance most would think of as a wearable item, but then again it dates back to an original fashion accessory, the shoe. 

I think wood accessories are going to be an item to covet this year. Luckily, I already have some wood accessories in my closet. I selected some items that may be inspirational in your wood fashion finds for the year. Take heed they never go out of style , so don't be afraid to make a large purchase or for a perfect fit to your budget, purchase a small ticket item. I have some budget conscious pieces below I personally own listed as well.

Loeffler Randall

Sydney Evan

Sophie Monet

 Below are a few items I own: a pair of cufflinks given to me from my grandmother, they are vintage; a wooden ring newly purchased from Target on sale price $5.58; and also a necklace I bought from Macy's about 3 years ago.

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