February 26, 2013

Fashion Review of Oscar Red Carpet Options 2013

It is the height of the red carpet fashion watch with the Oscars award show. I just can't  seem to understand why some celebrities continue to make bad choices and show up in tacky garments. I mean who is in their fashion circle? It is such a downer to see one of your favorite stars show up in something which is just appalling? For instance, what was Anne Hathaway thinking with her grape cherries  aimed right through her Prada gown? Girl Please! You should've nip tucked them for this occasion!

Amanda Seyfried looked like the mother of the bride in her Alexander McQueen selection!Why you make us cry?! Next time dress your age.In this blog post,  I will display a fashion horror before my picks for best dressed to get the misery out of mind. This leads to my utmost shudder, disappointingly dressed Jennifer Aniston,  who shows up in a Valentino gown which looks like she was swathed in  sheets she and Justin slept on the night before. It was just ill-fitting, unflattering and made me think she didn't have a bottle of Smart water before she made this choice.  She was my worst choice pick. Redrum!

I think I saw more disappointments than raves. I can't bear to list them all or show their  picks, like Jennifer Garner, another messy mess. Nice and clean frontal view and when she turns to walk, it looks like she passed gas full of ruffles. Who wants to sit on all those ruffles shooting out their back and bum for the evening?! I am too distraught to show her photo.

Okay enough of my comedy, and now for the crowd pleasers ...

Charlize Theron in Dior Haute Couture

Jessica Chastain in Armani Prive

Naomi Watts in Armani Prive

Best Hair! No Applause for Apparel ...

Reese Witherspoon

Best Couple and Best Male. Also a vote for happy and we're expecting!

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum

To wrap up this review in an "AWWWWWW" moment ...
The belle of the ball ...

Quvenzhane Wallis in Armani

(Photo credits- Getty Images)

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